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Lotus Notes/Domino - Drill Down charts, graphs & dashboards

ddCharts TM   for Lotus Notes Domino - Drill down charts & graphs

ddCharts - Ready for IBM Lotus Notes Domino Chart your Lotus Notes data with this powerful and easy to implement drill down charts / graphs application
(also charts data from ODBC data source).
  • Very fast and easy to implement
  • Single ddCharts nsf   or   integrate functionality in your own db
  • No export of data required
  • 'Drill-Down' by clicking on chart labels / data points
  • Can drill down into actual Notes documents
  • Platform independent (Domino Server on Win32/64, AIX, Solaris, Linux)
  • Runs completely within the Notes environment (no dll's, or other apps)
  • Simple to put drill down charts functionality into your own database
  • Put a chart in a web page by simply linking to a Notes document (see demo)!

Download our ddCharts notes template, and see how easy, and fast, it is to implement real-time, or scheduled, charts graphs and dashboards of your Notes data (or ODBC data). No complex programming,
Unlike bitmaps or gifs, charts produced by ddCharts resize to whatever window / frame size, or screen resolution, they are displayed in.
just point ddCharts at an existing view, or create a new view.

Display charts / graphs / dashboards in:

Lotus Notes clients
R6 / R7 / R8 / R8.5.x / R9

  • Microsoft IE 5.5 / IE6 / IE7 / IE8 / IE9
  • Firefox v2.0 / and later
  • Opera 9 and later
  • Tablets / cell phones that support SVG (e.g. Samsung / Apple / Nokia / Motorola / Sony Ecrisson / etc)
Lotus Domino Server versions supported
R6 / R7 / R8 / R8.5.x / R9

The Ready for IBM Lotus Domino mark and the trademarks contained therein are trademarks of IBM Corp. IBM is not the licensor of this Business Partner's product and does not make any warranties regarding this Business Partner's product.

a sample chart from a Lotus Notes View
ddCharts :
- Fast
- Easy
- Flexible
- Drill-Down
- Scalable
- R6 / 7 / 8 / 9
Click here to:
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another sample chart from a Notes View
a sample line graph from Lotus Notes Domino data
sample dashboard, with charts of Lotus Notes data
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