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Lotus Notes/Domino - Drill Down charts & graphs

Evaluating ddCharts TM  for Lotus Notes Domino

ddCharts can be evaluated by simply downloading the latest version from this site, with no pre-registration required.

This is the full, and latest, version of ddCharts. However all charts will have "Unlicensed Demo Software" plotted on the chart. In addition, a part of the chart is obscured, and some links don't work.

To enable full functionality a license must be purchased. For evaluation purposes you can mail our Support dept for a time limited evaluation license (see our support page).

The following simple steps will help you in evaluating ddCharts.

Downloading and Evaluating ddCharts
  1. Download the ddCharts template db to your hard drive
    (if you get it from a CD be sure to remove the 'Read Only' attribute).

  2. Use the Domino Administrator client to Sign the template
    (Otherwise you will be asked to create a cross certificate).

  3. Open the Help article "Downloading and getting started with ddCharts",
    as follows:
    • Open the ddCharts template.
    • To open Help, either click on the last line of the welcome page "click here for help documentation", or use the Help button on the "All Charts" view.
    • In Help, under the section "Quick Start Quide", click on the article "Downloading and getting started with ddCharts"
    • Use the simple checklist in this article to proceed.

a sample chart from a Lotus Notes View
ddCharts :
- Fast
- Easy
- Flexible
- Drill-Down
- Scalable
- R6 / 7 / 8 / 9
Click here to:
 View Demo

another sample chart from a Notes View
a sample line graph from Lotus Notes Domino data
sample dashboard, with charts of Lotus Notes data
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