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ddCharts TM - Frequently Asked Questions

If I develop my charts using the downloaded template, what do I do when they're ready to roll out?
Contact our Sales dept and purchase a ddCharts license. Once you receive your license key it's just a matter of typing it into the configuation/license document.

Does this charting product need a lot of technical expertise to implement?

No!  There are two ways to use ddCharts.
Firstly you can use ddCharts as a standalone charting application where the charts are defined in a ddCharts database, and get their data from views in other Notes databases, or from ODBC queries.

The second way to use ddCharts is integrated into your own Notes database. In this case you need to use the Notes Designer client to copy a small number of design elements to your own database.

In either case the chart definition document is easy to complete, and just consists of checkboxes, drop down lists, etc.

The other skill required is the ability to create views.

If I integrate ddCharts into my own Notes database will it increase the size?
The core ddCharts code, contained in a single LotusScript script library, is less than
500 KB. The template for the standalone ddCharts db, complete with help documentation, etc., is approx 2.5MB.

I've modified the view that the data comes from but the chart is still the same?
Check if your chart is set to collect data "On Schedule". If the data collection is on a schedule then it won't be updated, and you won't see the effects of any changes to data or parametes, until the next scheduled data collection.
If you want to see the changes immediately, then change the 'Data Collection' option to "Every time chart is accessed".

How does ddCharts chart ODBC data?
On the chart definition document you simply select "ODBC Data Source" in the "Get Data From" field. You are then able to complete the various ODBC fields, including the SQL query that will retrieve the data to be charted.

Can the ODBC charts be scheduled?
Yes. When charting either Notes data, or ODBC data, the data can be collected on a schedule and simply displayed each time the chart is accessed. For both Notes and ODBC the data can also be collected and displayed in real time, each time the chart is accessed.

a sample chart from a Lotus Notes View
ddCharts :
- Fast
- Easy
- Flexible
- Drill-Down
- Scalable
- R6 / 7 / 8 / 9
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another sample chart from a Notes View
a sample line graph from Lotus Notes Domino data
sample dashboard, with charts of Lotus Notes data
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