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Lotus Notes/Domino - Drill Down charts & graphs

Demo of ddCharts TM for Lotus Notes Domino

All charts/graphs on this page come from a live Notes database.

All charts are interactive (ie. you can click on the various parts of the charts to drill down, or to open lists of Notes documents, etc.)

Demo chart 1
This chart displays the service level of our Demo Customer Support dept.

Notice how you can:
  • Hover over the bars to see what %age of tickets they represent
  • Click on a bar to bring up a list of relevant Notes documents,
    from where you can then open individual Notes documents
  • Click on the "Data" button to display the raw data from the view
(note: this chart is one of the sample charts in the download template)

Demo chart 2

This chart displays the volume of new support tickets by Customer. It comes from a view with 4 categorized columns (by Customer, by Qtr, by Product, by Error Category).

Click on the chart to drill down!!

Notice how you can:
  • Use the pie chart control panel to display numbers, or %ages, or no labels
  • Click on a pie slice to drill down and see a breakdown of tickets by Qtr
  • Continue clicking on the chart to see the Product, and top error categories
  • At the error category level, the data is sorted, highest totals at the top

Demo chart 3

This chart displays the volume of new support issues by week, showing the volume that came by email and by phone.

Notice how you can:
  • Click on a data point for any week to 'drill down' to a sub-chart for that week
  • On sub-charts you can use the navigator (bottom right) to display chart for previous or following week, making comparisons simple.
This chart simply comes from a Notes view categorized by week, and then by day. The view has two 'total' columns, one counting tickets opened by email, and one for tickets opened by phone.

Implementing / using ddCharts
The demo charts above give you an idea of the power, and ease of use, of ddCharts. You might ask what is involved in putting charts like these in your Notes applications?

    To create charts of your Notes data, you simply . . .
  • Download the ddCharts template and create a new ddCharts database from it
  • Create a categorized view of your Notes data (in its database)
  • Create a new 'chart definition document' in the ddCharts database, and point it at the view of your data in the application database
  • Display the chart in a Notes client, or browser

    To include ddCharts functionality in your own Notes db, you simply . . .
  • Download the ddCharts template
  • Copy a small number of design elements (forms, views, Lotusscript library, etc) to your own database
  • Create a categorized view in your database (details in the ddCharts Help documents)
  • Create a new 'chart definition document', and point it at your view
  • Display the chart in a Notes client, or browser

It's that simple !!

No software, or dll's, installed on server, or client. No requirement for 3rd party software, such as spreadsheets.   Just load ddCharts database and go !!

Also, because ddCharts is a Notes database, and the chart definition documents are Notes documents, you can use all the access control (ACL / Groups / readers fields / authors fields / etc ) that you use with other Notes databases and documents.

If your application replicates to multiple servers you just put the ddCharts functionality into your database, and the ddCharts functionality will then replicate to the other servers and become available with no implementation required on the remote server or clients.

Full screen demo of a sample ddCharts database

Click the link below to open a sample ddCharts database in a new window, where you can navigate the sample charts and dashboard.

Click here to display a sample ddCharts application in a new window

This is a Live ddCharts database, with sample data.
  • Drill Down by clicking a label, or a data point on the chart
  • At lower levels use the 'navigator' at bottom right of chart

a sample chart from a Lotus Notes View
ddCharts :
- Fast
- Easy
- Flexible
- Drill-Down
- Scalable
- R6 / 7 / 8 / 9
Click here to:

another sample chart from a Notes View
a sample line graph from Lotus Notes Domino data
sample dashboard, with charts of Lotus Notes data
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