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Lotus Notes/Domino - Drill Down charts & graphs

Download ddCharts TM for Lotus Notes Domino

With the ddChartsTM free download you get:
  • Full working software  (but, "Un-Licensed Demo Software" appears on each chart, a part of the chart is obscured, and some links are disabled).
  • Detailed Help & How to documents in the Template.
  • Sample data and charts in the Template, so you can test it immediately.

See our Evaluation page for a set of simple steps to evaluate ddCharts.

Use our Contact page to send us any questions you have.

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Release History
Version Release Date
v5.0.9c 2016-Oct-22
v5.0.9b 2016-Oct-10
v5.0.9a 2016-Oct-03
v5.0.9 2016-Oct-02
v5.0.8c 2016-Aug-18
v5.0.8b 2016-Jun-23
v5.0.8a 2016-Jun-14
v5.0.7a 2013-Nov-19
v5.0.7 2013-Nov-05
v5.0.6a 2010-Feb-24
v5.0.5e 2009-Nov-30
v5.0.5d 2009-Mar-03
v5.0.5c 2009-Feb-03
v5.0.5b 2008-Nov-20
v5.0.5a 2008-Nov-17
v5.0.5 2008-Nov-07
v5.0.4 2008-Sep-17
v5.0.3 2008-Jul-17
v5.0.2 2008-Jun-02
v5.0.1 2008-May-19
v5.0.0d 2008-May-02
v5.0.0c 2008-Feb-18
v5.0.0b 2008-Feb-08
v5.0.0a 2008-Feb-04
v5.0.0 2008-Feb-01
v5.0-beta1(b) 2008-Jan-16
v4.6.2a 2007-Dec-11
v4.6.2 2007-Nov-13
v4.6.1 2007-Nov-06
v4.6.0 2007-Oct-30
v4.5.0d 2007-Aug-15
v4.5.0c 2007-Aug-08
v4.5.0b 2007-Aug-01
v4.5.0a 2007-Jul-18
v4.5.0 2007-Jul-17
v4.0.2b 2007-Jun-08
v4.0.2a 2007-Apr-19
v4.0.1c 2007-Mar-28
v4.0.1b 2007-Feb-12
v4.0.1a 2007-Jan-31
v4.0.1 2007-Jan-24
v4.0.0h 2006-Dec-13
v4.0.0g 2006-Nov-29
v4.0.0f 2006-Nov-28
v4.0.0e 2006-Nov-17
v4.0.0d 2006-Oct-16
v4.0.0c 2006-Oct-12
v4.0.0b 2006-Oct-03
v4.0.0a 2006-Oct-02
v4.0.0 2006-Sep-29
v4.0-Beta3 2006-Jul-10
v3.0.4c 2006-May-15
v3.0.4b 2005-Nov-02
v3.0.4a 2005-Jun-20
v3.0.4 2005-Jun-13
v3.0.3c 2005-May-16
v3.0.3b 2005-May-06
v3.0.3a 2005-Apr-20
v3.0.3 2005-Apr-01
v3.0.2f 2005-Mar-14
v3.0.2e 2005-Mar-07
v3.0.2d 2005-Mar-02
v3.0.2c 2005-Feb-28
v3.0.2b 2005-Feb-24
v3.0.2a 2005-Feb-14
v3.0.2 2005-Feb-04
v3.0.1 2005-Jan-05
v3.0.0f 2004-Dec-21
v3.0.0e 2004-Dec-17
v3.0.0d 2004-Oct-20
v3.0.0c 2004-Oct-01
v2.0.4 2004-May-19
v2.0.3 2004-Apr-29

a sample chart from a Lotus Notes View
ddCharts :
- Fast
- Easy
- Flexible
- Drill-Down
- Scalable
- R6 / 7 / 8 / 9
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another sample chart from a Notes View
a sample line graph from Lotus Notes Domino data
sample dashboard, with charts of Lotus Notes data
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